After having been in the dental profession for over 11 years I have had the opportunity to work with a fair number of dental labs. It is in my opinion that Dave Taylor is an exceptional technician and delivers nothing less than the finest quality lab work I have seen. He is extremely detail oriented and takes much pride in his work - evidenced case after case after case. I feel genuinely lucky to have found a lab with such detail for quality. He and his staff of technicians are always on time as well, making smooth deliveries for my patients. I give Dave Taylor an A+ for timeliness and superb quality and all at the right cost! Dave Taylor also bring this dedication and passion to his many hobbies, including photography. I encourage everyone to ask him about his professional quality photos.

Dr. Julie Lezotte and staff

I have practiced dentistry for over 32 years and I have been a client of Tailored Dental Ceramics for most of that time. Dave's work has consistently been the best I've ever seen, and on a daily basis, my patients are thrilled with the results they see in their mouths. Dave Taylor makes me look like a genius, and I can guarantee I will remain a client of Tailored Dental Ceramics until the day I retire.

Rick J. DeRoven D.D.S.

Dave takes personal pride in every case. Quality is exceptional, the best. Rarely needs adjustment. 100% patient satisfaction.

Dr. Mark H. Wolfson

Great cosmetic work! Have loved everything we've gotten. One a scale of 1 to 10, the quality is a 10.

Dr. Christine M. Saad

Awesome! Great work! We love Dave and his staff!

The Dental Spa

Superior quality at very good prices.

Dr. Norman I. Lynn

Dave's strength is esthetics!!!! He is easy to get along with, and his porcelain work is fantastic compared to other labs.

Name withheld by request


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