Crown Under Existing Partial:
Blu-Mousse Technique

Part 1: How to make a clasp/tooth index using Blu-Moose® Super -Fast material.

1. Prepare the tooth for a crown as usual and take the working impression using whatever technique and materials you prefer.

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2. Insert the RPD in the mouth and assure that it is properly positioned (Figure 1).

3. Inject Blu-Mousse Super-Fast over the preparation. Continue expressing the material until the clasps and occlusal rests are completely covered (Figure 2). Because Blu-mousse has the fluffy consistency of whipped-cream, it will not flow. Therefore, there is no need to use a confining tray.

4. Remove the RPD in 30 seconds with the Blu-Mousse blob attached (Figure 3). Notice the impression of the preparation.

5. Using a blade, carefully trim away the Blu-Mousse until the outer surfaces of the clasps and rests are exposed (Figure 4). Cut away any additional material that prevents the Blu-mousse index from being removed (Figure 5).

6. Remove the index from the partial denture by pushing it in an apical direction (Figures 6 & 7).

Temporize the preparation, and send the patient home wearing the partial denture.

Part 2: How to create a clasp-template using pattern resin.

1. Pour the working model and separate the dies as usual.

2. Seat the Blu-Mousse index onto the preparation. Using a Neelon technique (also called "brush-dip" or "salt and pepper" technique), flow conventional pattern resin into the impressions of the clasps on the surface of the Blu-Mousse index.

After the impression of the clasps has been filled, extend the resin outward in order to give the template enough bulk to withstand handling. (Note: The only part of the template that must precisely recreate the clasp and rest is the internal surface... where the clasp metal faces crown.)

3. Continue building the pattern resin outward until the template sits securely on the model on either side of the index (Figure 8).

4. After the resin has set, carefully remove the template from the Blu-Mousse. (To avoid damaging the resin, it may be necessary to cut the Blu-Mousse index into pieces.)

5. Replace the template onto the model (Figure 9).

6. Use the resin template as a contour-guide during crown fabrication (Figures 10 & 11).

7. When the patient presents for crown cementation, the new crown fits the RPD with few (if any) adjustments... even though the technician never saw the actual partial denture.

Technique contributed by:
Dr. Allen L. Weiner (Medfield, MA)
Written by Nelson Gendusa, DDS
Director of Research

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