At Tailored Dental Ceramics, our highly-skilled professionals have years of specialized training and are experts in the fabrication and production of crowns and bridges that allow you, the doctor, to give your patients beautiful, natural smiles. Because the transformation is often life-changing for your patients and requires a true partnership between dentist and dental technician, it is a process we handle with great care and consideration. The crucial elements which make our process second-to-none are expert case planning, constant communication and an emphasis on technical results.

Expert Case Plans

Our technicians understand that the quality of your dental work significantly impacts the resulting restorations we create. And in order to ensure the fabrication process runs as smoothly and effectively as possible, our technicians facilitate the restorative process by providing per case product recommendations and advice with respect to restorative materials, preparatory design and reduction techniques. Essentially, we treat each case uniquely and view case planning as a critical step in realizing the ultimate dream of your patients - a stunning smile.

Consistent Communication

During the fabrication process, precise transmission of information is crucial between the dentist and the technician regarding models, shades, colors and shapes of teeth being reproduced. Thus, we are committed to providing you with proactive, on-going support throughout the process which allows both parties to deliver the finest quality products to your patients, seamlessly and with confidence.

Impeccable Results

The technicians at Tailored Dental Ceramics will work tirelessly to provide you with exceptional final results. We believe that attention to detail is paramount to our success. From evaluating how light will be transmitted and reflected to yield a natural effect to working within your preferred occlusal philosophy, our technicians are prepared and are committed to the end result: perfect fit, finish, visual, and functional appeal of your patientís new smile.


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